Overlake’s School 辅导员 provide a wide variety of programs 和 services to promote students’ academic success 和 their personal 和 social well-being. 的 School Counseling program also serves families of students, 支持家长意识, 研讨会教育, 和 交互 through ParentNet (as described below).

辅导员 work with students 和 teachers to build community in a variety of settings, 包括课堂讨论, 当天的时间, 社会时代, 类研讨会, 特别活动, 还有学校集会. 像这样, the School Counseling program is comprised of two main components of care: 响应服务 和 Educational/Preventative Programs. 的 key distinction here is that responsive services are on-going, prompt actions 和 interventions to meet student 和 family needs as they naturally arise, while the educational 和 preventive services are pro-active, planned steps to address common childhood 和 adolescent issues 和 concerns. 下面是每个组件的示例服务:


个人咨询: Counseling is provided in small groups or individual sessions for students who would benefit from further support regarding personal issues. 的se issues may include but are not limited to stress, 抑郁症, 与他人冲突, 自我意识, 调整, 以及社交技能的发展.

危机咨询: Counseling 和 support are provided to students 和 their families facing emergency situations.

推荐: 辅导员 refer students 和 families to outside professionals or resources as needed.

咨询: 辅导员咨询家长, 其他工作人员, 和 community agencies to help students deal with 和 resolve personal concerns.


Students from each grade meet to discuss topics dealing with personal, social 和 developmental issues such as positive peer relationships, 毒品和酒精教育, 伦理决策, 压力和健康的应对策略, 培养对他人的同情心. 在初中和高中, certain times are set aside for small 和 large group discussions, 职系会议, 和 community meetings to delve into these topics. 学生对话, 交互, 和, 适当的, facilitation of group process are integral to the success of these meetings.

辅导员 are involved in planning Upper School orientation activities to familiarize new students with the Overlake campus 和 culture. Particular attention is paid to helping new students make social connections, 驾驭学术环境, 并确定行为规范. 咨询师与学习专家一起工作, 高级学校助理校长, 和 Director of 多样性 to present the Freshman Seminar at the start of the school year.

Building students’ relational skills is emphasized in the Middle 和 Upper Schools. 通过社区时间, 撤退活动, 课程的支持, 和 intervention with small groups 和 individuals, counselors work to increase student knowledge of boundaries, 同理心, 人与人之间的尊重, 以及人际关系中的伦理, 数字公民, 自信, 以及其他预防骚扰的话题.

ParentNet program is a parent-directed program designed to facilitate communication, 促进网络, 和 foster mutual support among parents of the same grade level. 的 School 辅导员 act as faculty advisors for this program 和 at least one counselor is present to help facilitate each meeting. One meeting per grade level occurs each semester in the Campus Center. See school calendar for ParentNet meeting dates.

家长研讨会 are programs designed to provide information 和 resources to parents from parenting experts in our community. Evening seminars are scheduled to address various relevant parenting issues 和 are open to all Overlake parents. See school calendar for Parent Seminar details.


In all programs 和 services, the focus of the 个人心理咨询 program is to:


  • 了解自己和他人
  • Develop communication, interpersonal, 和 decision-making skills
  • 培养解决问题的能力
  • 制定应对/减压策略


  • Be aware of the various services available on campus
  • Learn 和 underst和 about their child’s growth, developmental needs, 和 experiences
  • Promote a home environment for emotional stability 和 personal growth
  • Learn about effective parenting skills through ParentNet 和 the experts invited to speak at 家长研讨会.


  • Implement classroom 和 school-wide guidance activities
  • Better underst和 students, their behavior, 和 school culture
  • Suggest programmatic changes to enhance curriculum 和 student health
  • Cultivate a positive learning climate 和 meet individual student needs

最后, 在许多其他事情中, the 个人心理咨询 program aims to provide a confidential setting where students 和 parents may explore their ideas 和 concerns openly. 像这样, it is the sincere hope of the School 辅导员 that we may serve each Overlake family, 和 that each student may feel warmly welcomed to take full advantage of the services available to them.

了解更多信息, please stop by our offices in the library or contact us by phone or email.



Haruka Kuga